Our mission is to prosecute and prevent human trafficking by strengthening justice systems


We seek freedom through justice for survivors of trafficking. 

We believe that every human being has the right to a life free from exploitation. Right now, more people are being exploited than ever before in history. Human trafficking -- the buying and selling of people for sex and labor -- generates $150 billion USD in profits a year.

That’s why LIFT International was founded. Formerly known as Nvader, we’ve changed our name to better reflect our mandate. We aim to tackle the root causes of human trafficking:  

  • To LIFT standards and practices to better identify the victims and offenders of human trafficking.

  • To LIFT justice systems to prosecute perpetrators and disrupt criminal networks.

  • To protect and LIFT men, women and children out of sexual exploitation and toward free, safe lives.

LIFT International partners with governments, grassroots organisations, law enforcement, and international agencies to increase transparency and hold offenders accountable.

We are lawyers, criminal investigators and social workers all united by our desire to be strategic and focused on long-term impact.  

We believe in prevention through prosecution. We work to disrupt organised crime, secure fair sentences and put traffickers out of business because we know justice is a powerful deterrent. We advocate for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation to protect their rights and increase their access to justice. 

We LIFT survivors. We LIFT standards. We LIFT justice.