Human trafficking is the buying and selling of men, women and children within countries and across borders in order to exploit them for profit through deceptive or threatening means for purposes including sexual exploitation, forced labour, forced begging, illegal adoption, organ removal and forced marriage.


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  • Globally, it’s estimated there are 40.3 million people living in conditions of modern slavery. (Global Slavery Index)

  • That number includes 15.4 million people forced into marriage and 24.9 million forced into labor. (Global Slavery Index)

  • Of people who are trafficked, 49% are women, 21% are men and 30% children. (UNODC)

  • Human trafficking generates US $150 billion worldwide. Of that, US $99 billion comes from commercial sexual exploitation.  (ILO)

  • The highest profits of human trafficking -- US $52 billion -- are made in the Asia Pacific region. (IOM X)

  • There were 17,880 prosecutions and only 7,045 convictions for trafficking globally in 2017. (2018 TIP Report)

  • In 2017, there were 2,949 prosecutions, 3,198 convictions and the identification of 10,819 victims in East Asia & the Pacific. (2018 TIP Report)