Our values



LIFT International was founded to make a significant impact on human trafficking. Our work must be strategic, effective and efficient.


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and act responsibly and with integrity. We are strong stewards of money and communicate what we do truthfully.

Continuous Improvement

We aim for best practice and excellence.  We strive to continually develop and improve.


LIFT is a quiet achiever. We celebrate and are generous with praise to others but will not seek self-promotion. We are one team and all roles are essential to our success.


We cannot do this work alone; the complex problem of human trafficking demands many types of responses. We partner with government agencies and NGOs and operate within legal systems to achieve our objectives.


We believe we have a responsibility to uphold human rights and ensure all people - staff, survivors and partners - are treated with dignity and respect. The greatest of care and the very best human resource support will be provided to the staff and survivors we support.


We respect the cultures, customs and faiths of our staff and clients. We value and strive for gender equality. And we seek to include diverse voices in our decision making.

God Expectant

We believe this is God’s work and we have the privilege to partner with Him in it. We expect to see God at work within our organisation and through our efforts to combat trafficking.