Our Vision

Freedom for the exploited. 
Justice that protects.
A world in which human trafficking is not tolerated.


Our organisation began in 2011 when a group of people came together and committed to tackling the crime of human trafficking. Kiwi police investigator Daniel Walker had a vision based on the success and pain of his past experience doing undercover work investigating and identifying victims of sex trafficking. It was clear that there was a huge opportunity to take that knowledge and skill set and make a significant impact on trafficking in Southeast Asia. The founding team of Daniel, Justin and Carolyn Boswell then set about to make the dream a reality.

On a summer’s day in 2012 at Waihi Beach in New Zealand, a core group put plans in place to begin the organization and deploy experienced law enforcement investigators in Bangkok, Thailand. On their first operation, the team identified and assisted women trafficked from Africa. One woman told the team she prayed that very morning that God would help them get out of their dire situation. The women were repatriated and reunited with their families, and Nvader was born.


In early 2013, we began a partnership with Tearfund New Zealand that provided an initial funding base and operational accountability that allowed our organisation to scale and grow. We added legal and social work teams to increase support and advocacy for survivors.

The anti-trafficking sector has evolved rapidly, and we have grown with it. What started as an investigative team with an emphasis on removing trafficking victims from slavery has grown to encompass strengthening law enforcement and judicial capabilities to prosecute offenders and protect victims from exploitation. In 2018, Nvader changed its name to LIFT International, but we are driven by the same desire: Freedom through Justice for survivors of human trafficking.


Waihi Beach, 2012

Waihi Beach, 2012