Our aftercare team is made up of social workers who keep the wellbeing of survivors in their mind first and foremost. They attend operations, help clients prepare for victim interviews and make visits to shelters and homes all to help protect and provide for the needs of survivors of exploitation. In addition, they partner with law enforcement and other nongovernmental organizations to provide training and strengthen the capacity of victim services.

Interventions that enable women and girls to exit slavery should be combined with support services to aid their recovery and prevent re-exploitation
— The Freedom Fund
Love packs are made up of essentials for survivors

Love packs are made up of essentials for survivors


We helped
protect Nan

Sixteen-year old Nan found herself lying on the bottom of a boat, illegally crossing the border from her village in Laos into Thailand. Along with her three friends, she had been persuaded by Ms. Jat, a woman originally from her region in Laos, to come to Thailand to work. Read Nan's story.