Rebrand FAQs


Q1. Why are you changing your name?

The trafficking sector has evolved and so have we. We are changing our name to LIFT International because we recognize that the old name does not serve us or accurately describe our intentions. 

The name Nvader was originally chosen to invoke the idea of invading dark places and bringing light to the darkness. It became clear to us that we needed to change our name to better portray the work we do. LIFT International better conveys the freedom and dignity for survivors that we as an organization seek to uphold and in addition has positive associations which are important when working with exploited men, women and children.  

Our new name reflects our desire to LIFT survivors, LIFT justice and LIFT standards.  

Q2. Why now?

As we have grown, our strategies and operating methods have developed. We are committed to lifting standards, but we needed a name that reflects this. Our work has reflected this for awhile, and now is the time for us to update our brand to reflect the ways we are responding to the needs we have observed on the ground.

Q3. What does this mean for your vision and mission?

We are still the same group of passionate people. Our fundamentals have not changed. However, we continue to develop, innovate and improve in order to be efficient and effective.  The new name, LIFT International, and new branding is part of this constant improvement.  

Our vision:  Freedom for the exploited. Justice that protects. A world in which human trafficking is not tolerated.

Our mission: Prosecute and prevent human trafficking by strengthening justice systems.

Q4. Why LIFT International?

We started off knowing we needed a name that worked across the region and languages. We wanted a strong, positive, action-oriented name. A Thai staff member recommended the name LIFT and it stuck in all of our minds and imaginations. We decided against an acronym because we wanted to focus on the LIFT action and the story the verb alone tells. We aim to elevate and LIFT standards and practices when it comes to government, NGO and civil society responses to exploitation and trafficking. We want to LIFT and raise the lives and hopes of survivors of exploitation and trafficking. We chose to add International to tell the story that our team is diverse and our clients are from all over the world. In addition, we work across borders with government agencies and NGOs. LIFT International is both a broad mandate and tells a specific story of what we are trying to do.

Q5. Will this affect my donation?

Not at all! Funds already donated to us are still supporting the prevention and prosecution of trafficking and exploitation and protection of victims. For future gifts, our funding partners (Tearfund NZ, Cord Ministries USA, Stewardship UK) will still direct money to us and provide you with a tax receipt in your respective country.

Q6. How can I help spread the word?

We invite you to spread the word of this change in conversation, on social media or by email. Are there people in your life that you’ve talked about Nvader with? Be sure to tell them about our new name. Are there others you think might be interested in joining the movement to fight human trafficking and exploitation? Take them to coffee or invite them to learn more, and ask them how they think they could be involved. Are there conversations with local churches, fellow activists, or student organizations you can have?

Q7. When is the change happening?

We officially make the change on April 23, 2018. You can also find our new name on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


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