Meet Jane


We are so fortunate to have Janejinda on our team. The title "P" is an honorific to elders in Thai language, so most people on our team call her P'Jane. P'Jane is one of Thailand's most experienced social workers dealing with human trafficking cases. She has a BA in Philosophy and Religion from Payap University and LLB from Chiang Mai University. P’Jane has been a voice for victims of trafficking in Thailand since 2000 when she began working with International Justice Mission as a social worker. She is now the head of LIFT's Aftercare Team in charge of our Protect programs. In addition, she is a member of Chiang Mai’s Multi-Disciplinary Team and also supports Police Region 5's Protection Center for Women and Children. She has developed relationships with numerous aftercare providers including Thailand’s government shelters and civil society.


As LIFT's Aftercare Liaison Manager, P'Jane walks with victims of trafficking and exploitation through their legal cases. She advocates for them with law enforcement and helps them know their rights. She works hard to protect victims of trafficking from being identified by media and to uphold their privacy. For those willing to testify against their perpetrators, P'Jane helps them prepare for their interviews and testimonies. She is their friend and ally. Her team brings ‘love packs’ of snacks and toiletries to operations and to government shelters. P'Jane helps victims receive what they need physically and emotionally on the path to becoming survivors.

One of LIFT's cases that Jane worked on involved five Thai girls, all underage, found working in a karaoke bar, being sold for sex. Anyone under the age of 18 found to be working in the sex industry is by legal definition a victim of trafficking.


"These girls came from broken families with nowhere to go," P'Jane explained. "Someone approached them and offered them food and a place to sleep. They have no one to rely on." As for her role in this case, P'Jane said, "I consult, give advice and let them know we care for them." The girls she worked with call her Auntie Jane.

This year, P'Jane and her Aftercare Team started the Survivor Fund to assist survivors of sexual exploitation. After being trafficked, after their cases are closed and they have returned home, many young men and women survivors face the same futures as before -- lack of education, no job prospects. The Survivor Fund supports survivors as they pursue education and vocational training. The Fund started with a class of young women working their way through vocational school in Laos. P'Jane and her colleague Chu have been traveling to Laos to make sure that the girls continue in school and feel heard and supported through their journeys.

P'Jane and her Aftercare Team allow LIFT to provide coordinated services throughout the process of assisting victims of trafficking. Partnering with the rest of our team and within the larger government system, the Aftercare Team advocates for the needs of survivors even beyond their return or repatriation home.

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