A 12 year-old girl we will call Nin was living in a children’s shelter.  A family member sent her to live there after she was sexually abused by her uncle at home. Tragically, the children’s home director was a predator as well and sexually abused Nin and other children living there. The thing is, no one would help Nin or take her claims seriously. She told other staff members that she was being abused, but no one believed her.

Eventually, an investigation was called after accusations from other children, and LIFT was invited to help counsel and interview the kids. When LIFT’s social worker Chu met Nin, the girl was totally shutdown and withdrawn. She wouldn’t talk about anything that had happened to her. All she would say is “You’re not going to believe my story just like everyone else didn’t believe me.” Chu used play therapy and patiently gained her trust. Chu told Nin that she believed her, and Nin finally opened up and told her story. Chu submitted a social worker briefing based on Nin’s testimony to the inquiry police, which was a statement against her offender. Chu said:

‘I want her to have love in her life and know she has people who love her. I want her to have confidence in herself. I want her to have a real, forever family.’

We listen to children like Nin. We take their claims seriously and investigate their stories to protect them from further harm. Being people-focused means that each and every one of our cases is about advocating for justice on behalf of the exploited and abused.

You can help us identify and protect more people who are victims of trafficking and sexual abuse.  

constance dykhuizen