Noor's Story


In 2017, we were a co-plaintiff on a case representing a female trafficking victim, Noor.* When she was only 15, Noor was trafficked from the south of Thailand to a karaoke bar and forced to have sex with at least three customers a day. She was there for eight months until she became pregnant. A police operation freed her and several other victims, at which point we were referred to the case. We funded counseling for the survivors, all of them severely traumatized by their ordeal. In addition, our lawyer represented Noor in court and secured THB 3 million (USD $96,200) in compensation for her from her offenders. She now lives with her daughter whom she named Patience. The lives of our clients and their families are forever impacted by the trauma of exploitation, but we have found that the financial and emotional significance of compensation helps them begin to heal. We also see judgments like this as a way to create criminal deterrence -- trafficking should never be profitable or tolerated.

*Noor is not her real name.

constance dykhuizen