Justice Conference NZ


One thing that keeps us inspired in our work is the dedication and commitment of others around the world in the fight against human trafficking, exploitation and injustice of all kinds. LIFT will be at the upcoming Justice Conference New Zealand on 2-3 November 2018 at Victory Convention Centre in Auckland. The Justice Conference is a Biblical social justice conference that joins together diverse practitioners, artists and pastors. This year, their theme is Whakahoungia: Joining God in the Renewal of All:

In the midst of a fractured and crumbling world, we could be forgiven for following a narrative of failure and hopelessness. But God is writing a different story. Every single moment God is pulling creation towards His intended purposes to restore and renew. We're invited to join in this prophetic act.

Our Strategic Partnerships Manager Carter Quinley will be hosting a workshop on Ethical Storytelling and a Justice Talk entitled All Things New. We are excited and honored to join together with other leaders, activists and artists to engage with the theology of justice and its creative and practical applications.

You can buy tickets and join us here.

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